G DATA InternetSecurity


Guaranteed protection against Internet threats


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Being connected to the Internet requires protection against many threats to your system's safety.

G DATA InternetSecurity is a set of tools that can offer you this protection by blocking malware and intrusions.

The main safety features are a comprehensive antivirus and a firewall, which prevent any unwanted access into your PC, be it through a malware or through your own connection.

G DATA InternetSecurity includes a parental control module, with which you can block all kinds of webpages with adult content, from violence to pornography.

Other features include an anti-spam filter and a web filter that block all types of trash mail, banners, and pop-up windows that might negatively affect your email and your web browsing experience.

. Supports Windows 2000 (SP4), XP (SP2 or higher), and Vista.
. Minimum RAM memory required: 512 megabytes.
. Requires an Internet connection.


Works for 30 days.

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